August 25, 2011

My Classroom...

Here is my classroom. It's bare. It's new. It's beautiful and just waiting to get covered with student's work!

Calendar / Math Board
(we are adding stuff slowly)

The Library 
(i already changed this by putting the bookshelf that's on the left to the right and the bookshelf to the right on the left :) ...

Dramatic Play and the Art Lab:

Looking at the door and the computer area along with the cubbies:

Our Science Lab with our frogs and fish:

The kid's cubbies and coat racks along with all the teaching material:

The Smart Board: 
(this is where the kids get their instruction): 

And there you go! It's still a work in progress as I find out what works best for my kiddos. It will be ever changing until I find something absolutely perfect (which probably will never happen!).

I love it.

Signature for blog...

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