August 20, 2011

6 Months!!

I'm trying to catch up Bria's monthly posts! 
 **She turned 6 months on July 5, 2011** 

I can't believe I am actually typing these words....

Bria is officially 6 Months Old. 
I have mixed feelings about this people. My baby is no longer going to be an infant. My baby is growing up.

Bria loves:
real food. not baby food. real food, camping, sticking out her tongue and blowing, going on the boat, playing cards, Nana singing Fuzzy Caterpillar, biting the nipple on her pacifier and "popping" it out of her mouth, sitting up all by herself, "walking" around
Bria doesn't love:
When she has to wait for food, when you take cards away from her, when she doesn't nap during the day and she's overly tired, not being able to get a toy within her reach

Some of Bria's firsts:
5 months 5 days: Bria's first time sleeping on a boat & first ferry ride
5 months 11 days: first time at Nana and Chanaa's cabin
5 months 19 days: first time meeting Great-Papa, Vicki, Aunt Shelly & Uncle Dan
5 months 22 days: first time at a mall
5 months 23 days: first time sitting while being propped up
5 months 24 days: first time in pool
5 months 24 days: first time having strawberry smoothie (thanks Nana!)
5 months 27 days: first time meeting Awma and Papa & first time having cantelope
 5 months 29 days: first time eating banana's


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