May 10, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday!

Top Ten {Tuesday}

I am going to try a new "feature" on this blog and make lists of 10 things every Tuesday. It is going to a different topic every week, I hope you enjoy! Also, go here for

Top Ten {Tuesday} with Tory

1. High Heels

I never wear high heels. Ever. I'm graceful in a lot of ways, but not in high heels! The only exception to this was our wedding, and I wouldn't even call them high heels as they were only an inch high and very, very wide.

2. Shopping/Malls
I loathe shopping for clothes for myself and shopping malls. I can't stand to be in a mall for more than an hour. I get claustrophobic in the stores with all the racks around, clothes hanging, and the mannequins. Call me crazy, but I'd rather be in a thrift store, or even better, the outdoors.

3. Coffee
I don't like coffee unless I'm sipping it from Clint's cup o' joe. If it's not his coffee...I don't drink it :)

4. Circus Peanuts

I don't really know anyone who actually likes these candies...But when I'm feeling oh so sick, I crave them! That, and some ice chips along with some crackers. Mmmmm! But, I don't dare eat them when I'm feeling good. I think it must be a comfort thing. See, these candies are actually called "medicine" in my family. My grandma used to sneak me some every day after school when I went to visit her. She said it would, "take all the sick bugs away!" I miss her. But I'm really happy that I have this comfort food to remember her buy, even if it is circus peanuts.**Note to self: buy a couple bags of circus peanuts and send them to White Mountain for those awful times I'm sick!**

5. Five Things in Five Years
I love making lists. I really do. But more than making them, I love crossing stuff off the list. Sometimes I will even write something down that I already did just so I can cross it off ( I know, call me crazy but I like it!) Here is a list of 5 things I want to do in 5 years:

                                    1. Become a certified Yoga instructor and attend at least one conference in AZ
                                    2. Take a health/fitness/nutrition course and become the healthiest me I can be
                                    3. Finish our basement at home in Ketchikan
                                    4. Go to Utah again & visit Moab and Zion National Park
                                    5. Have another baby :)

6. Pregnancy
I'm so thankful, and really proud that I had an easy pregnancy and quick delivery......6 hrs to be exact from the time of my first contraction to holding B (don't get me wrong, I know it doesn't happen that way for every Mama...And I truly admire those who have long and hard deliveries...But I'm thankful and blessed that I didn't have to go through one)

7. Maimouphobia
It means fear of monkeys...Seriously, I looked it up and that's a real word. Anyway, my fear started in my younger days-- 6 years old to be exact! My Papa and mother would always say, "Brush your teeth, or you will have little monkeys in your mouth!" It would literally give me nightmares about little monkeys in my mouth, just chomping away on my teeth! One day, my Papa thought it would be "nice" to give me a stuffed gorilla... Lets just say, I wasn't very thankful. fast forward a couple years and we were at the zoo. Dad thought it would be nice to get a picture of his girls....holing a monkey-From that day forward. I have never liked them-especially small ones!

8.  I love the rain more than the sun
no real explanation other than the fact that I like the rain.

9. Photography

I have a love for photography which started in 7th grade. Now that I have a perfect subject (my daughter) I pretend I'm a professional. I would love to take photography classes! I just bought myself some new lenses to play around with and can't be happier about the purchase!

10. Mother
 My favorite label that I have ever owned is being called a mom. B and my husband Clint are the best and I'm a better woman because of them!

Wanna share your top ten list? Go here and share! 

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