May 11, 2011

Ode To Clint: Inspiring Coach!

It's not everyday that teachers in rural Alaska (aka: The Bush) get national recognition for all their hard work and dedication to their students, so when I saw an opportunity to nominate an Inspiring Coach for the Brooks Running Program, I didn't hesitate to nominate Clint. Yes, he is my husband, but that fact doesn't make it any less important. He inspires me and others in so many ways. Clint is either working, tutoring, coaching, or volunteering his time for after school activities as well as runs a Dojo and ABKA Karate program. He actually has very little time for himself.

To nominate Clint I had to write two different essays (1) that highlights his achievements and coaching experience and (2) how he inspires me as a fellow teacher.

This was the requirements for me to be able to nominate Clint:

Now on to the good news! 





Clint is one of the finalist for this program!

Let me say it again with more spunk.....

Clint is a finalist for Inspiring Coach!!!!


Here is what Clint has been given for the White Mountain School XC Running Program: 

I am so excited for the running program next year, and even more excited that I can brag about my husbands greatness, because he really is just that..Great. He takes so much time and dedication in helping our students succeed in everything that they do, it's nice that he's able to get some recognition for it... Recognition that would help our students in achieving their dreams as well! 

So here's to Clint... Raise a glass of bubbly with me (since we don't have wine in the village, I'll just pretend with my water glass) and congratulate my wonderful husband! 

Not only does he get all of the above, but his profile (along with the essays) will appear on the Brooks website! I'll be sure to put the link on the site when it  comes available in June! 

He also has a chance to win the GRAND PRIZE of: 

Which would not only help out Whit Mountain, but other schools around our district as well!

Let's see if he can make it all the way!

Good job Clint...I may have written the letters, but you were my inspiration!

If you want to see updates of the activities that Clinr is involved in, including his Karate class, go to his blog here

all images are from the Brooks site here
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