March 21, 2010

Spring Break...

As I'm typing this it's hard to believe that Spring Break has already came and gone. Now, it's Sunday and we are preparing-mentally more than physically- for the home stretch.

This week was full of:

*Late nights watching movies on the big screen.

*Spring Cleaning the entire house. I mean everything-except shampooing the carpet.

*Getting over our nasty lil' colds.

*Hiking as much as we can.

Here are some pictures of our camping trip!! It was definitely cold out and our dogs hated it, but it sure was beautiful!

Clint pulling our sled full of our gear:

Here he is again, walkin' up the Mountain. It looks tough. But he's tough. So it's all good :)

Here are some tracks we saw on the trail. They are HUGE:

Here is our camping spot on the Mountain.

And our dinner is cooking: Beautiful Sunset!

Clint taking a picture of himself. Me, being a dork!

Here I am in the tent. It was so cold, the dogs didn't mind staying in there the entire tim we (and when I say we, of course I mean both Clint and I..Ahem.... :) set up.

Hope your Spring Break is as fun as ours :)


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