March 29, 2010

It's Awesome to be Rawsome.... something I recently heard from a friend. She loves to experiment on different detoxifications and healthier living.  I recently have become obsessed a fanatic about researching what it actually means to become raw.  I have asked Clint a couple times if he is interested in trying this new diet lifestyle with me and his quick response was, "No way! I could never stop eating meat." This is true as I am an Alaska Native and to not eat meat isn't in my family's vocabulary neither is it in my husbands.

After a few attempts at trying to convince Clint that going raw would be fun, he finally softened up and agreed that we should try it! I was all smiles inside.

 With all the research that I have been doing, I'm getting really excited to start my new lifestyle. I want to avoid the labels as being "vegan", "raw foodist", "vegetarian" because I still want to eat meat. I like it. However, I do need a lifestyle change of eating more raw foods.
I started to think hard about how and where I was going to get all the raw goodness...

Here's are some problems:

We live in bush Alaska (obviously not a surprise).

We have one store that hardly has any fresh produce.

We have no health store.

We would have to buy online.

We would have to pay shipping costs.

It's too darn expensive to try raw right now.

I'm saddened :(
I'm upset that having a healthy lifestyle is not within reach for us because of our location.
Starting now, I am on a Rawmission (I know it's not a word that is in the dictionary, but it has a nice ring to it!) to get RAW foods ORGANIC foods HEALTHY foods here in BUSH Alaska. 
(Those colorful words look so nice :) 

Wish me luck!

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Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

Tory, first, thank you for all your entries on my contest! I love them all and glad youve found my blog.

2nd have you seen my post today on meat? and veganism and animals? Please show it to your husband and ask him to answer the questiosn i asked and how and why he can reconcile it all..and make him soul search a bit.

Regarding be raw, high raw, vegan etc...they are all just labels. I urge someone who is thinking of becoming this way to just think of yourself as plant based, otherwise the subtle distinctions will drive you nuts and could make you just quit. Too many ppl try to do too much too fast. These changes took a decade for me. Not overnight!

Cruise by my post and let me know what you think :)

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