March 30, 2010

Research for Raw Goodness!

Since yesterday's post I have come across some fabulous blogs that are chalk-full of heath and nutrition (most all of it raw diets, but some other great information and inspiration). Not that I want to live vicariously through other people's blogs, but it does give me a sense of encouragement that a new lifestyle is possible. Here are my favorites so far: 

(this link is on the right side bar as well)

Oh yeah, and Love Veggies has some fun give-aways! Here's one that is going on right now for all you Tazo Tea lovers! 

(not so much on the raw diets, but an entire eco friendly lifestyle change)
(This site is a must for going raw)

(An alphabetical list of a HUGE list of health/nutrition/fitness blogs that are fun to read)

Hope you have some fun reading :)

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