April 3, 2009

Polar Bear Warning..

It was such a nice, warmer day after work yesterday that Clint and I decided to take Sierra for a walk. After a while walking along the ice covered ground, we ran into a local guy who was scouting the ice for polar bears and whales. He told us that we need to be careful if we are going walking because they (local workers) had scared off a polar bear that was wondering around on the lake, and they saw another polar bear by the mountain just a couple of hours before us. Then, I noticed that we don't have our camera with us! It's funny that I was thinking about the camera when there are polar bears in the area. I learned (or should I say re-learned) a few of things:
1. I need to bring a camera everywhere we go
2.We need to make sure we have protection against wild animals
3. I need to bring a camera everywhere we go

As much as I don't want to walk up on a polar bear, that is one thing that I am hoping we see before we have to leave.

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