March 28, 2009

31st Annual Skiing Tournament in White Mountain

I was asked to be the coach/chaperon for a skier while she competes in White Mountain at the regional tournament. It was a great trip with many enthusiastic skiers having fun on the slopes. I have never been to a skiing competition and have not been that interested in skiing before, but after this weekend I am going to start! It looked like so much fun.

Another reason why it was such a great trip was that I was able to see our new apartment (yes, it's brand new as the school was newly built along with teacher housing in 2008). I will post some pictures later this weekend. It is a beautiful place, where Clint and I will have a lot of fun playing out in the snow, hunting, fishing, berry picking, and just loving the outdoors.

I also met a lot of wonderful people from White Mountain, and I think this move will be really welcoming.

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