April 3, 2009

The Story of Mongolian Beef....And how it came to me

Tonight I made an oh-so-scrumptious dinner. Yes. Me. Me, myself, and I made Mongolian Beef for dinner. See, a co-worker who's such a lovely lady has taught Clint and I the ins and outs of oriental cooking and she's amazing. You are probably wondering how it came to be that I ended up making dinner tonight. Well, here it goes:

Clint started out by defrosting the meat and afterward decided that he didn't want to cut it up. Okay, so I resorted to cutting up the meat, then I asked him if he would make the marinade sauce. "Honey, you can do it, it's for practice!" (Are you kidding?) Alright. So there I was making the sauce, and since I was already covered (not really 'covered' but dirty nonetheless) in soy sauce and brown sugar I decided to keep going, I mean, I was already 'cooking'. So after a long 35-45 minutes of me cooking with a question every 1/2 second for Clint, I was finished. And here it is, a gourmet dinner (well, as gourmet as you can get in Gambell)! I am entering the realm of a domestic housewife-ish (at least for tonight anyway!):
Ha! You think I made this on top of taking a spectacular photo of it? I gotcha good! Nah, I wish my food looked that good and I wish we had fresh veggies of all sorts here but we don't. All we have is meat...and onion. I just wanted to see if you really believed me. I did cook it though! I even took a picture of Clint's plate before he ate:
See the little pieces of onion? They were so so good!

Who knew that blogging about food would be one of the longest posts in our blog? Not me! But to my fascination about what I have been learning in the cooking/baking realm of things, I wanted to share with my family and friends my accomplishments. Mom, Dad, be expecting this Mongolian Beef when we get home :)

So, to end this post I wanted everyone to know that Tory Shultz can now cook Mongolian Beef:)
And check back here in a few, I plan on making some delicious baked (not fried) donuts! Yum.

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