September 20, 2014

We Went. We Climbed. We Conquered!

For the last 3 years Clint and I have not gone on any outdoor adventures besides the ones where we can bring a double stroller and have a 3 year old walk. It's been...taxing on our personal life. If Clint doesn't get to be outdoors on a regular basis he gets grumpy. He's a modern day mountain man at heart. Serious. I'm not even exaggerating. This is one of the things that brought us together when we first met and it's been missed. 

Since this was technically the first outing for our family that didn't require strollers, I totally bombed on packing and forgot...Well...Everything. Clint kept asking, "well what if .... happens?" and I said it hasn't before. His sly response, "there's a first time for everything." Boy.was. he. right. 
Lets just say we did switcharoos and makeshift clothing for a couple of our tots! 

I was so proud of Bria! She walked the entire way. Such a big girl. I am so thankful she loves the outdoors. She insisted on bringing her own backpack too. She carried her water and 4 baby dolls. You know, She needed the essentials. 

Out here. We are complete. We are home. We are together. We are alive. We are thankful. We are happy. We are us...

We went. We climbed. We conquered...Brown Mountain was defeated by the Shultz family. Done.

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