June 22, 2012

June Favorites

Bria is taking a late nap today it's 3:30 and she just went down. That's our summer schedule for you though, no regard to time-no set time to wake up, take naps, or go to sleep. It's refreshing to not be bound by schedules. It should be for a 17 month old, but it's not :) and that's okay with me. She's sleeping right next to me and I realize that it's been a month since we have moved back to Ketchikan and I have to say it's going by way.to.fast!

What have we been up to?

Driving cars in the grass: 

Helped Nana in the Garden: 

Celebrated Father's Day with three of our most important Daddy's: 

Loved on our cousins: 

Played cards with Nana and Aunt Jamie: 

Got crafty during nap times: 

Played more cards with Awma: 

Made chili in my new crockpot: 

Went to the beach and played: 

Scrunched our faces against windows: 

It truly has been a wonderful summer.

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