December 14, 2009

When all is said and done....

I am down to 10....10 things on my list that I have to get done before leaving on vacation. It seems that my list is not getting any smaller. For every one item I cross off, I add another 2!!! It seems to me that as Christmas is approaching and the holiday season in full swing, that we never really just slow down and savor the moments that we have with our significant other, children (whether canine or not), and other family and friends. Wouldn't it be nice if all the items on your list for Christmas just suddenly disappeared and wasn't a priority? And instead of spending the time to get things done, spend it with family! I read this article today on It's a wonderful website that talks about spending more time with family and friends rather than spending money and time on gifts.

So...You want to know what I did today? I crossed 3 (I know it's not a big number, but it's a start) things off my list, and it felt SOOO good :). Go ahead, I dare you to cross three things off your to-do list for the holiday's and see if anyone even notices!


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