December 4, 2009

New Sign for White Mountain!

Being in White Mountain this year has given Clint and I more experiences than I could list here. It has been so much fun getting to know the community, students, staff and the land around White Mountain. We have had a couple of artists come here and teach the students an art medium. In the beginning of October, we had Kim Kaiser come and install some gorgeous stained glass windows throughout the school, and just recently we've had Julie Mathews visit and teach the students how to work with Clay, and to create a school sign. The sign would be done in tiles, and incorporate the students artwork of the different seasons in White Mountain.

Today, we, I mean a couple of men from the school hung up the sign in the front of the school. It looks fabulous!
The nice men who put up the sign!

Just Beautiful! The artwork in the middle is done by the students!!!
We have some talent!!


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