October 23, 2009

Winter is here:

Some of you may be enjoying the fall colors, pumpkin patches, and crisp weather with a little wind. Others may be experiencing high winds and rain, cloudy and dark days. Here in White Mountain? We are already well into winter! Yes, we had our fall for a few weeks with the leaves changing color and the light breeze in the air and it was wonderful-but now it's long gone! It's been fa-reezing here for the past few weeks and the wind is atrocious the past couple of days. But, one thing that is good about cold, windy weather....Clear blue skies! It's amazingly beautiful, even if you have to have a face mask on to go walk the dogs!

Last weekend Clint and I decided to go for a walk with the dogs. It was high time that we took them out because they have been cooped up in our apartment and needed to get extra energy out. Jack Russels? Energy? Ha! Anyway, we were on our way to 2nd Mountain, which is a little past Sweetheart. But on our way there, we heard a Moose or Bear. We couldn't quite make out the sound so we decided to turn back and go to Sweetheart again, but go on a different trail (I know, smart of us huh? after hearing the "noise"). Nonetheless, It has been a blast exploring different trails and ways to get around White Mountain and the area.

Hello Winter!


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