October 23, 2009

Reminder Tree!

Clint has been gone this week for an ED Conference in St. Michael. I was a little bummed I couldn't go, but it gave me a lot of time to do homework, scholarships, and my favorite thing crafts! I started on making Christmas presents and I am so excited to share them! But most of the people who read this blog are getting those presents so I can't blog about them until after Christmas. But to those who are lucky enough to receive them...You are going to LOVE them! Serious. Just wait. :)

BUT: I do want to share this!

am so proud of this project!! I got the idea from this post: they call it a Wish Tree but mine is called a Reminder Tree see the difference? I went outside and since it's winter and all the leaves are gone, I grabbed some branches off of the ground and put them in a fish jar (okay, I don't have that many vases around here so this was the next best thing) and put some ribbon on the top, and some paper confetti to hold the branches in place.

I then printed some adorable reminders that I also got on this site. They also have blank ones so you can create your own reminders or wishes!
I simply put the reminders on the tree and here is what I made:

Sorry for the bad picture quality. Photography is on my list of things to learn :)

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