October 22, 2009


It's been two months. Two months of experiencing life as a teacher. Well, not quite the teacher, but the classroom environment. I have been going to our K-1 classroom five days a week and this week I taught my first practicum lesson! It was amazing. With only seven kids in our class (2 kindergarteners and 5 first graders) it was a perfect lesson in my opinion-and fun! We have been learning about solids and liquids and I remember in elementary school that I played with some gooey stuff that was really fun....Oobleck! So, I taught an Oobleck lesson to the kids and it was a hit! They enjoyed it so much that after they kept asking how to make it, so I wrote a letter to the parents explaining what it is and how to make it.
Here are some pictures:

I had to adapt my lesson a little bit in the beginning because these kids are smart! Even the kinders know the difference between a solid and a liquid. But, it was such a fun hands-on, minds-on activity for them to explore the reasons why something is a solid or a liquid. This is definitely going in my teaching box that I have for future use.

I guess it would be nice if I put some information on here on how to make Oobleck, you know, just in case you want to make some (which I highly, highly recommend!).

Oobleck Recipe:

2 parts Cornstarch
1 part water

Mix in a bowl (slowly as to not get the cornstarch all over. Trust me. It happens!)
And add food coloring- any color!

You can find more information about Oobleck and what it is here!

Okay, go now and make some Slime...I mean...Oobleck!

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