June 5, 2011


Bria is 5 Months old! Which means one more month until she is 6 months. Which means she will be half a year. Which means this Mama is in hyperventilating mode! 

* I didn't do a "photoshoot" for her 5 month picutres, but rather, have some pictures of her firsts.

Bria Loves:
watching Veggie Tale Music Video's on Mommy's computer, grabbing at food, listening to mommy and daddy's made-up rap songs

Bria doesn't love:
waking up from a nap and finding herself alone, losing her pacifier, daddy making scary faces close to her
 (eating rice cereal for first time June 2, 2011)

Some of Bria's firsts:

4 months 2 days: first time Bria cried when I handed her to someone else
4 months 5 days: first time she put her Binkie in her mouth all by herself
4 months 6 days: first time she pulled Mommy's earring out
4 months 9 days: first time held a bottle by herself
4 months 11 days, first time grabbed toes
4 months 13 days: first time peed all over Daddy
4 months 21 days: first time on elevator
4 months 24 days: first time on beach
4 months 26 days: first time on a bike ride
4 months 27 days: first time eating rice cereal
4 months 29 days: firs time on our boat (in Ketchikan)

 (first bike ride! June 1, 2011)

(Check Bria out at 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months)

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