September 7, 2008

Life in the Bush...Husband Hunts, Wife Cooks.

Clint was invited to go seal hunting with one of the janitors on Saturday. They left around 8 in the morning and went to camp-which is a place where the villagers go to hunt for food. Most of the families here go every weekend to camp. This is a picture of where they went:
These "posts" are spread out across the road for when it gets really foggy out, the hunters and their families can find their way back to the village:

Here is the janitor, Wesley, sitting in his blind. The hunters wait there until a seal comes. Clint said they saw one earlier Sat. morning, but Wesley said he couldn't get a clear head shot.
Here is a Minky whale that was playing around for most of the day:
The scenery is just beautiful-I'm kind of jealous Iwasn't there
And here's Clint: He had fun on Sat. and plans on going again next weekend.

And this is what I did on Saturday along with homework and jewelry: I made a apple pie with graham cracker crust. Clint said it tasted like Kooga(sp? a german dessert), it may not look like much, but it tasted pretty darn good:) And of course, homemade bread. Again, don't let looks fool you-this was really good.

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