August 25, 2012

Bailey Ann 1 MONTH!

**While adapting to life as a mommy of two, my posts have been, well absent! Bailey Ann turned 1 Month old on August 14, 2012.** 

It's amazing how fast babies grow in the first month of their life. Already, Bailey has a personality and it shines when she is awake! She has been a blessing to all of us, and I think if Bria could talk, she would agree. These two get along so well together-well, at least for now because Bailey can't retaliate...yet. :)

Here is our baby at 1 month old:

Bailey Loves:
watching her sister dance, sleeping with her hands up by her head, milk, playing with her tongue, listening to Nana sing, sitting up where she can watch people, being swaddled, Bria holding her.

Bailey Doesn't Love:
when Bria sits on her, when Bria yells in her face, when Sierra licks her, not being able to see, being on her tummy for too long, when I'm not quick enough to give her milk.

Some of Bailey's Firsts:
Day 2- first doctors appointment
Day 4- first trip to the grocery store
Day 7- lost her umbilical cord
Day 8-first time at church
Day 10- first walk at North Pt. Higgins
Day 11- first diaper blowout
Day 13-first walk at Ward Lake
Day 14-first picnic
Day 16-first bath with Mommy
Day 21- Dedication
Day 28-first time smiled at Daddy

Bailey's Stats: 

9 lbs 13oz

20 1/2 in

I told myself I would never compare my children to one another because they are both individually perfect babies. However, I did want to see the different of my two lovelies at 1 month old. I kept the same outfit that Bria had worn for her one month pictures and put Bailey in it. It's amazing that two different babies can come from the same parents and look totally different -beautiful in their own special and unique way- but different: 

What'da think? Can you see some similarities. Some differences? 

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